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Tradition and authenticity!

Tradition and authenticity characterize the culinary proposals of Grotto Pojana.

Artisan cured meats and cheeses; risottos, gnocchi and fresh homemade pasta; lake and sea fish; meat and mushrooms are just some of the dishes that never fail our menus.

Last but not least delicious desserts, cakes and pies prepared with care by our chefs’ team.

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Grotto’s entrée 16.50
Pork “mini” salami and bacon-fat with chestnuts 16.-
Pumpkin flan with truffle cheese fondue 16.-
Grotto’s homemade pâté with crouton 16.-
Fried cheese-stuffed zucchini flowers 18.-


Saffron Risotto with porcini mushrooms 21.-
Homemade pumpkin gnocchi with truffle 21.-
Taglierini pasta with fried artichokes and truffle 21.-
Pappardelle pasta with boar sauce 21.-

Fish Main Dishes

Bleaks with French fries 24.-
Perch fillet with butter and sage 29.-
Oven-cooked zander fillet with potatoes, cherry tomatoes and olives 29.-
Frog legs sauteed with garlic and parsley 29.-

Meat Main Dishes

Roe saddle Baden-Baden style – Min. 2 pers. p.p. 58.-
Kid meatballs with mustard sauce and risotto 29.-
Veal liver cooked in a pan with onions 27.-
Grilled beef Picaña – Min. 2 pers. p.p. 36.-
Porcini mushrooms cooked in olive oil, parsley and garlic with polenta 29.-


Apple strudel with vanilla sauce 9.-
Creme Caramel 7.-
Panna Cotta with marron glacé 10.-
Homemade Tiramisu 8.-
Glazed chestnuts with cream 10.-
Sicilian Cassata-gelato cake 7.50
Nougat semifreddo parfait 8.50

All prices are in Swiss Francs and including 7,7% VAT.